Importance of YouTube in Digital Marketing

The Power of YouTube Marketing
Importance of YouTube in Digital Marketing
Importance of YouTube in Digital Marketing

Since 2005 when YouTube was launched himself, it has revolutionized video-streaming as a whole, with internet videos we have access to wider audience. YouTube is giving a tough competition to Google, it has millions of users and billions are of videos are uploaded  and watched in single day, out of which YouTube has made some of them as internet stars.

With no surprise YouTube is also used as an effective digital marketing platform because of its great impact on web users and web visitors. People are more interested in learning through videos rather than reading pages with no clue how things will work when it comes to practical.

Starting Up

Starting up with Youtube as Digital Marketing tool
Starting up with YouTube as Digital Marketing tool

To use YouTube as a viable digital marketing platform the first step is to create a channel for your business or company. This will ultimately give you access and a platform to freely post your own video content about your brand, products, and services, and take advantage of the millions of user surfing on YouTube.

However, there are few necessary requirements that one should take into consideration when using YouTube as a platform for your business. One of which and most important is to know who your target audience is. Exposing your company to an irrelevant audience will not help your company to reach its milestone or target, which in turn, will not aid your company to attain success. Once you find and discover your target audience it is very important to optimize your video content to reach the right audience. As we do SEO for web content similarly YouTube’s Search Engine Optimization is also needs to be done by assigning correct keywords and tags.

Advantages of YouTube as a Digital Marketing Tool
Advantages of YouTube as a Digital Marketing Tool

Importance of YouTube as a Digital Marketing Tool

In 2019 we all know users are more searching for their results on YouTube so it is not a great secret that YouTube has great advantage in digital marketing. All you have to do is to make good use of these advantages and it will definitely do miracles for your company’s growth and recognition. Given these facts, here are several advantages of using YouTube as your main digital marketing platform.

Wide Audience Reach

It’s 2019 and every person is having Smartphone which is preloaded with YouTube app. Millions of users are logged in everyday and surf for their favorite content, which make its audience massive. This makes you reach your potential customers locally as well as worldwide. If content uploaded with quality and proper optimization, a company business can reach a mass which will share your content to another mass and it keeps on going.

Search Engine Optimization Capabilities

In order to reach more and more audience of users and visitors on YouTube, one should take advantage of search engine optimization capabilities. Optimizing the content with the right keywords and tags will not only help your video get viewed by your target audience but can also help Google in showing it to right audience in organic search results.


Print ads, and commercials may cost your company a good amount of money and which has a renewal date. Creating videos on YouTube is much more efficient and cost-effective. Investing in video making equipment will repay you lifetime but investing on advertisement will ask for your money again and again. Videos uploaded on YouTube never expire and never ask for single penny to renew it. Most important all the videos are uploaded on YouTube server space which is maintained by YouTube, here also no need to worry about space crunch. 

Communicating to Your Customers

Not only upload and watch videos on YouTube, YouTube’s users and visitors have the ability to post comments on videos, which requires an account and Channel’s account can respond to on short notice. This is very useful when people ask about the company, so they have space provided where they can communicate and clear all the doubts. They can also contribute in promoting your company by sharing your company’s video through various social media sites.

Going Viral

In certain cases, some videos on YouTube are liked and viewed so many times that it turns to a viral video. In this case it is like a Jackpot to your business because you not need to invest single penny and your video will be in every person’s mobile. Going viral will increase your watch time and in turn YouTube trust increases to unlock Adsense feature on your channel.

Future of Digital Marketing
Future of Digital Marketing

Future of Digital Marketing

Every company whether it is small or big going for digital approach when it comes to promoting their products and services – from Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), using appropriate and relevant keywords, high-quality and interactive content, CRM applications, voice search, mobile marketing, to influence marketing – it is not hard to see digital marketing dominating the advertising landscape in 2019.

Key Takeaway

In a past survey it is already been declared that YouTube is now having the second Highest search users after Google. Taking this advantage you need to capitalize on your targeted customers by showing them what they want to see, optimizing the content is also vital. YouTube gives so much of flexibility that just clear drag and drop makes your content visible to whole world.

YouTube is a remarkable source of entertainment, education, creative content, and informative video sharing which is gradually becoming a critical tool for branding. These days’ marketers and entrepreneurs never fail to add YouTube marketing in their marketing strategy to battle with their rivals through brand-related videos such as product details, testimonials, hilarious videos, informative content, interviews etc. as per position. Marketers, bloggers, YouTubers etc. earn huge on this channel by staying in touch across the globe and sharing their skills. This is one of the growing platform which everyone likes to see and learn. The channels is been accessed in 76 diverse languages including 95% of world’s population. Thus YouTube is ranked the second largest search engine after Google.

YouTube has transformed its monetization policies in which the YouTubers have to work harder to qualify certain parameters. In the year 2017, YouTube announced key changes in the policy that they won’t show ads on videos of the YouTube channels if videos from channel have less than 10K views.  After these changes any new YouTubers who wants to enroll in YouTube Partner Program required 10,000 views to begin with ads and earn the profits. This transformation has made the task bit challenging for beginners and newbies to reach monetization, but it fortified more uniqueness and creative content.  The policy has made a clear bifurcation between users who are using this platform for creative uploads.

In the year 2018, YouTube confirmed its new parameters for the YouTube Partner Program with the transformation that came into existence from 20th Feb 2018.  As per the rules, a channel must have at least 1k subscribers, 4K hours of watch time in a one year to be qualified for YouTube Monetization program. Once the basic requirements are fulfilled, YouTube will monitor the channel to ensure that it does not hold any prohibited, copyright or spam content.  After analyzes is been done the YouTube team will qualify the channel to run ads. Now the YouTubers are more concern about the brand safety.

Due to this change, many video creators and promoters are worried to launch their presence on YouTube. But with the proper planning and understanding, one can lead chosen number of views and potential followers.  Well the task is quite challenging but with the accurate digital marketing techniques any video can get listed on top of Google and drive more visitors.

How to sustain YouTube’s new rule?

To keep up the YouTube new policies, marketers have fulfilled all the basic criteria of the rules. They have to ensure 1K subscribers, 4K hours of watch time with consistently uploading creative content. It inspires video creators to bring new ideas and upload the video with wonderful content.

These changes have warned the people who misuse the platform by promoting prohibited content on YouTube thus degrading the valuable videos. This also ensures lifelong realistic subscribers.

Original Quality and Creative Content: YouTube is all about the content and videos. Videos generally grab limelight through the perfect blend of content and visuals.  Adding YouTube channel to the website with the quality, informative and creative videos will catch the millions of eyeball all across the world. This will prompt them to become a permanent subscriber of your channel and thus we ensure to have regular traffic. For this you need a creative team who can strategies the entire concept and gradually update the videos on YouTube Channels.  Make it user friendly and approachable with less text and proper delay to make the video understandable.  This will drive traffic, wider connectivity and more revenues.

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