Is single sign-on (SSO) the future of Digital Marketing? Time to deliver a digital work-space

Single Sign on

What is single sign on (SSO) and how it works?

The website redirects the user to the SSO website to log in. The user logs in with a single username and password. The SSO website verifies the user’s identity with an identity provider, such as Active Directory. When the user tries to access a different website, the new website checks with the SSO solution.

Online security is the most important aspect of any solution than ever, we cannot be too careful when it comes to protecting credentials of important users such as login credentials or Payment credentials.

One method is being introduced which take care of data security as well as cut down the multiple logins to access the digital platform, it is also hard to remember so many combinations of user name and password, this method is known as single sign-on (SSO) technology.

This technology allows multiple applications to be accessed from only one set of credentials.

As we know Digital social platforms are also expanding and every business wants their business followers on each social platform.

There are 65+ Social Networking Sites some are popular and some are not. Maintaining digital marketing insights on all these sites is time, money and resource taking thing. So even digital companies need a solution where they can save the time, money and resource and deliver their customers good marketing results.

Currently we are already using the SSO into our gmail account and accessing Google+, Google drive, YouTube and Blogger. Furthermore, when Medium requests that you use your Twitter login to create an account, yet again, you’re the beneficiary of SSO technology.

Social platforms
Social Platforms

We understand it is beneficiary for big brands and names — how do smaller, up-and-coming businesses stand to benefit from all that SSO has to offer? Easy—below, you’ll find four reasons all online businesses should start using SSO authentication as soon as possible:

  • SSO makes the security level more stronger: Some people thinks this statement a false, as it will be easy for hackers to crack only one user name and password and get all the access. Somewhere it is right also but SSO is implemented with such a high end technology that is almost impossible to retrieve it by any method.

Additionally, according to Steven Tran of Avatier, higher-end SSO solutions provide “Biometric authentication with facial recognition, voice detection and fingerprint identification.” While this is hardly something a casual Internet user would consider, for businesses, it’s a viable option.

  • SSO improves productivity: Seriously how hard it is to log into any internet application? It is harder than what you think. Some of the internet applications ask user to user such a complex combination of characters that it is not possible to remember it. Now imagine in digital marketing if some imagine is maintaining 10 social sites then how it will manage the credentials and everytime to look back from your notes and enter it.

If one get into dilemma of online assistance to reset the password then giving the answers to security questions is not less than any nightmare.

SSO takes all your headache of remembering such tough passwords for 10 different applications create just one and access all.

  • SSO helps in improving confidence and usability of social network: It is sometime observed that multiple logins and long process to access all the applications on daily basis reduces the interest of user to access it every day.

SSO will help those mentality mass to gain their confidence again and will encourage login and accessing all the applications to see their marketing insight on daily basis.

Making life easy for professionals to manage customers business page on different social networks.

  • SSO Drives Down Help Desk Costs: Yes, you guessed it right, this point is valid and has a great deal to do with second point mention above.

Everyday so many requests are generated to reset the credentials, or going through the security questions, dealing with operators claiming the authenticity of account.

The research conducted by Gartner estimated that upwards of 50 percent of all internal help desk calls deal with problematic passwords. Every fix cost them good money too. Hold the phone calls for long time increases the madness and in many cases people quite using that application or acquires alternate method of creating another account by losing previous data.

Benefits of SSO Technology
Benefits of SSO Technology

Role of SSO in SMM

Specifically let see how this single sign-on can be of use if implemented for fetching all the social platform data at one place and how it will impact on end customer. Just imagine a user logs into a dashboard and with this single sign-on he gets the access to see all the insights of his social platform just on a single click, isn’t it amazing.  See the below snap to see what companies like ‘Klipfolio’ are providing

Klipfolio dashbord

This is just a command center, in similar way a user can fetch the report of his interest by selecting the metrics.

Everyone wants a simple and easy approach to understand what is the return of investment in social media marketing? No one has spare time to login into each social account and check the statistics every time and then do the data analysis to find out whether it’s a lose or profit.

Here it will be very beneficial if a SSO is implemented which later on provide end customer ease in doing analysis of social marketing at single place.

Instead of engaging resource to deal with questions of end customer, give customer the access of dashboard and it’s done.

Benefits of SSO in SMM:

  • Data transparency with end customer: Customer is always keen in knowing where the Ad money gone and what was achieved by the investing money in social media Ads. Generating separate report of each social platform and showing numbers of graphs is what customer is not interested in, he is interested in precious short and conclusive report of each social media Ad.

SSO will provide all the collective information of single customer at one place and that too in manageable form, which puts a impression and develops trust on customer, as he can access to his report sitting anywhere.

  • High level of security: A person has to manage multiple account passwords which are definitely complex and hard to remember so, every user’s first choice is to keep the same username and password for all the different social account which is very risky. Replacing this with SSO can make life much easier.

SSO comes in numerous forms, the most familiar of which is two-factor authentication (2FA). This requires the person logging in to carry with them a second verification factor such as a mobile phone which receives a one-time password. That way, even if a hacker obtains your password details, they won’t have access to the second factor and therefore can’t access your account. Thumbprint scanning is another widely-used 2FA method, with iPhone owners frequently being asked for this to complete transactions or logins.

Is SSO the end-all of online security measures? Of course not. SSO is a timely and effective solution to a sizable issue.

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