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Is single sign-on (SSO) the future of Digital Marketing? Time to deliver a digital work-space

Single Sign on

What is single sign on (SSO) and how it works? The website redirects the user to the SSO website to log in. The user logs in with a single username and password. The SSO website verifies the user’s identity with an identity provider, such as Active Directory. When the user tries to access a different website, the new website checks […]

Importance of YouTube in Digital Marketing

The Power of YouTube Marketing

Since 2005 when YouTube was launched himself, it has revolutionized video-streaming as a whole, with internet videos we have access to wider audience. YouTube is giving a tough competition to Google, it has millions of users and billions are of videos are uploaded  and watched in single day, out of which YouTube has made some […]

Social Media Impact on Small Businesses

Impact of social media on small business

The trend is moving toward small companies having greater success with social media than larger companies. Small companies don’t have to invest as much to make a big impact. Small companies hold the keys to success. Every small business needs customers. Without qualified customers, it would be hard for any type of business (big or […]

Google Ranking Factors in 2019

SEO ranking factors 2019

Dwell Time = how long a Google searcher spends on your page. As it turns out, RankBrain pays A LOT of attention to Dwell Time. RankBrain focuses on two things: 1. How long someone spends on your page (Dwell Time) 2. The percentage of people that click on your result (Click Through Rate) More than […]

Local SEO Tips for Small Business

Local Seo Tips for small business

Why Local Search Matters for Small Businesses? Before we look into the best practices let’s talk about why Google map SEO is important for small businesses or local businesses. Let’s talk on facts: “56% of “on the go” searches have local intent” – Means people having mobile devices with active internet searching for local businesses on […]

Importance of Professional Website

importance of professional website

Grow your business with a website – online existence We all are living in the digital world; a website is now a need for a business, big or small. If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are doubtless losing a number of great opportunities for your business. A website itself can be […]